Allan Sandewall

Teol.dr., docent Allan Sandewall was born on September 18, 1915 in Umeå landsförsamling, Sweden, as the oldest son of Johan and Anna Johansson. His original name was Allan Johansson; he was granted the family name 'Sandewall' in 1939. Allan Sandewall passed away on Mars 1, 1987 in Uppsala, Sweden.

Allan Sandewall was married to Ingrid Sandewall, née Holmberg, and they had four children: Erik, Barbro, Mats, and Brita.

Allan Sandewall studied in the Faculty of Divinity at Uppsala University, and obtained his doctoral degree in 1952. He then continued his teaching and research at Uppsala University and at Åbo Akademi (Finland). until serious illness forced him to retire in 1966.